Paper Foxes Tutorial!

Hello friends!

Some interested parties have asked for a tut on these adorable paper foxes I folded recently. It is a quick and easy model using just one square piece of paper.  With a bit of glue and imagination these can be turned into everything from cake toppers to garlands. Scroll down to see them turned into owls and reindeer.

Please don’t forget to credit this tutorial!


What You Need:

  • Square pieces of paper in your preferred foxy colours
  • Glue
  • For eyes and nose: Buttons, punched paper, beads…anything goes!
Decide which side of the paper you prefer to be the colour of the ears and start with that side facing up. I used the silver side up because I wanted brown foxes with silver ears.
A dab of glue in the middle will help keep the model flat. Open up the ears carefully and shape as you wish!

Here are some alternatives to foxes:


Turn the model into owls (or racoons, I can’t decide) with black and gold paper circles.  Great horned owl is the look I was aiming for…


Reindeer with punched paper branches for antlers and styrofoam balls for noses. Try stringing a few of these models together to create a festive garland for the holidays.

Hope you try and make your own creatures with this model. Again, please credit the tutorial and link back to the blog!

Much love,



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