Deco Star Tutorial

titleHello friends!

This is a very simple variation on the traditional 16 point origami star. You may have seen the traditional model before or folded a few yourself. It is one the easiest and most popular star models out there and one of the first modular origami projects I learned to fold when I first started exploring origami. I think almost every folder out there has made this model at least once! The best tutorial on the traditional model is by Andy @ Origami-Instructions.


I call this variation “Deco Star” because it is a more decorative approach to the original and can be made into a star or a mandala with one simple fold. Modular origami can be time consuming and repetitive but it is the type of home decor DIY that you can do in phases. Give it a go with this variation and let me know what you think!

What You Need:

    • 16 square sheets of paper, preferably double sided for best effect
    • Bone Folder or something to smooth and crease with (even a butter knife!)
    • Glue to hold units together permanently
    • Bit of patience


Divide paper in quarters, and fold the four corners to meet at the center. Crease well. Choose the side you want to be displayed the most, and start with that side down. I went with this lovely blue origami paper and I am starting with the white side facing up because I want the blue to be prominent.

Step 1

Open only the top two flaps and use the existing crease as a guide to make the next fold. Crease well. Step 2

Fold the flaps back into the center and turn the model over. Bring the edges as shown to the center and crease.Step 3

Fold the bottom flap up and you will notice that there is a natural pocket created by our previous folds. This will be used to connect the units together. Here you have two choices: You can leave the unit as is or fold it in half as the traditional 16 point star does (shown on the RIGHT). Either way, you need to make x16 units to complete this star!

Step 4


The fun part. Traditional assembly calls for 16 units inserted into pockets until you have a complete, symmetrical model. Here are two ways you can make this model as a spikey ninja star style (shuriken) or in the flat mandala style!


I’ve made a few stars with double sided silver and gold kraft paper. I only used 12 units as you can see for the smaller stars and 16 units for the bigger one.



star 3

Mandala Blue

Mandala stacked

This is my first go at a full blown tutorial so please leave your feedback and tips on how I can improve. If you have a go at making this variation please let me know! I’d love to see them!

Much Love



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